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TiE Atlanta • Atlanta, GA

TiE Atlanta

Corporate Social Responsibility or Social Business?

If you've been in the corporate world then likely you are familiar with Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. Sometimes in some companies, it feels a bit like a tack on to make the company look better in public perception. Other companies, from startups to large businesses, incorporate doing good while doing well differently. Perhaps they started as social businesses, or perhaps they transformed into one along their growth path. But what is a Social Business, and why might you want to create one?

While there are many different varieties of a social business, at it's core it is a for profit business that focuses heavily on a social mission and bottom line in addition to the financial bottom line. Some companies may become B-Corporations, others may maintain typical legal structures. The new generation in particular is demonstrating a keen interest in social business for the ability to truly make a lasting positive impact on the world while also building a thriving, self-sustaining business.

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TiE Atlanta

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About TiE Atlanta
TiE Atlanta is a recognized leader in promoting entrepreneurship in the region. Our organization passionately believes entrepreneurship is the key to economic development/job growth, and has put forward a bold agenda to expand the base of entrepreneurs, surface new business opportunities by industry sector/emerging platforms, and enhance management training to increase the likelihood of success.

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